Gearing Up for Work Zone Awareness Week

PennDOT and State Police are urging drivers to be extra cautious next week.
HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania has $2.1 billion worth of construction projects lined up for the year. So PennDOT and State Police are teaming up, to bring attention to National Work Zone Awareness week which starts Monday.
Paying attention to road signs while traveling through work zones can be a life or a death matter.
"The workers are very close to the lanes of travel and it just takes one person to be distracted and you go off the road and somebody loses their life," said Pennsylvania State Trooper Adam Reed.
In 2013, there were more than 1,800 accidents in Pennsylvania work zones. That's 200 more than 2012.
But for Brad Mallory, PennDOT Executive Deputy Secretary, he's concerned with the number one.
"That's one spouse that doesn't have to be told that their loved one isn't coming home. That’s one child that doesn't have to be told their parent isn't coming home."
Road crew members are just asking drivers to pay attention to flaggers and signs. Not just next week, but every time they're traveling through work zones.
"Just slow down and please pay attention to the message boards that are lit up and the signs that are out,” said Rich Bear, road crew worker. “Because at the end of the day, we want to go home to our families."
Even Governor Tom Corbett (R-Pennsylvania) is urging drivers to be extra cautious, and have patience.
"It’s a temp inconvenience for a permanent improvement so please take your time."
Just a reminder for drivers - headlights must be turned on while driving through a work zone and speeding can cause you to lose your license for 15 days.

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