Gas Station Turkey Relocated

The bird had been hanging around a Western PA gas station for several weeks.
EIGHTY FOUR, WASHINGTON COUNTY – The turkey which was causing problems at a pair of Western Pennsylvania gas stations has a new home after Game Commission officers collected it Monday.

The turkey had been hanging around at the BP station and 7-11 convenience store in Eighty Four, and also visiting the Sunoco station across the highway.

“It would eat right out of your hand, crackers, Pringles,” said Sunoco employee Matt Mance.

Mance says she took treats for some customers, while chasing others.

“Some people got a little scared by it, other people were just amazed and would pull out their phones,” said Mance. “It was just something happening in Eighty Four.”

Dawn McWilliams even got a close encounter of the bird kind.

“I mean, it was like a foot away from me,” said McWilliams. “I went in, I paid for my gas, I came out, and it was still there. I even got a really good picture of it.”

“I come out here to the shed and the thing’s right behind me,” said Mance. “It followed me all the way to the doo and it’d just sit at the door and start pecking at it almost like it wanted in.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission was called in Monday to take care of the bird.

“We seen them over there with the net, and the thing was just running rampant,” said Mance. “It was actually kind of entertaining.”

They finally caught the turkey and took her to a more suitable location, leaving customers scratching their heads.

“My theory is that the turkey is a very sophisticated, feathered NSA spy drone, said Marty Howsare. “It’s keeping an eye on things around here.”

The Game commission says the turkey was released into a flock of other turkeys a couple miles away.
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