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Gas Station Dealing With Turkey Problem

The bird is usually hanging out on top of the pumps or chasing customers.
EIGHTY FOUR, WASHINGTON COUNTY – Drivers hoping to fill their tanks at a western Pennsylvania gas station have encountered a feathery problem: a wild turkey.

Employees at the BP gas station and 7-11 along Route 519 have had enough of the turkey and want her attachment to their store to end.

The big brown turkey has been hanging around the store for three weeks now, and employees day if it’s not hanging out on top of the fuel pumps; it is chasing frightened customers in front of the store.

“If he senses fear in you, he will chase after you like a dog,” said employee Stephanie Jones. “But it's a female. I don't know if it would really do anything, if it has spurs or anything. But I don't know, she likes to terrorize people.”

Employees have had to chase the bird from the store more than once, and its favorite snack is Ho Hos.
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