Free Health Screenings at Bellwood-Antis Library

The annual health fair offers free screenings for adults, activities for children (including a Lollipop 5K) and information for seniors!
Bellwood-Antis Public Library is holding a Health Fair this weekend! It's FREE and open to the public. On today's show, we hear all about the fair and what will be offered, including free health screenings and health and safety information for people of all ages. Tyrone Hospital and Northern Blair County Rec Center are sponsoring this event. On the hospital website, they list the screenings that will be available. They include: "total cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, anxiety, depression screening, perisheral artery disease screening (PAD, vision screening, bone density screening, grip strength screening, finctional movement screening, body mass index screening. visoon screening and I-step digital foot scan."

In addition, free shredding of personal documents (up to 25lbs) will be offered.  Smoking cessation information, home health information and several activities for children will also be on the agenda. Kids activities include: teddy bear/doll check-ups and fingerprinting.

Senior citizens will also have access to information on services and transportation and much more.

Bellwood-Antis Public Library Annual Health & Safety Fair
(Co-sponsored by Tyrone Hospital and Northern Balir County Recreation Center)
Mar 01, 2014
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Bellwood-Antis Public Library, Bellwood Pa
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