Florists Rebound from Thursday’s Snow

Florists Rebound from Thursday’s Snow

Deliveries were hampered by Thursday's snow storm.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY – Florists dealt with a steady stream of last-minute customers Friday purchasing gifts for Valentine’s Day, some of whom were unable to make purchases earlier in the week because of the weather.

A snowman was built outside Kerr Creations along 6th Avenue in Altoona to greet their steady stream of customers.

Deliveries Thursday were hampered because of the snow, but drivers had a better drive today with roads plowed.

“We have four wheel drives and we've got some good drivers on today so we just... we don't really complain, we just get it there cause that's what has to be done,” said Chelsea Kerr with Kerr Creations.

All hands were on deck Friday to help get all the flowers delivered. The National Retail Federation says Americans are expected to spend nearly $2 billion on flowers for Valentine’s Day.
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