Farmers Lose Thousands from Flooding

Strong rains flooded farms and cause them to lose crops.
FRANKSTOWN TOWNSHIP, BLAIR COUNTY -- Some local farmers are looking at thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in losses.
The heavy rains flooded out corn fields on Juniata Valley Road in Frankstown Township, Blair County. Ken Brenneman farms 54 acres here. It's near the river which is good for irrigation during a hot dry summer, but yesterday's heavy rains destroyed most of the crop he had already planted.
Brenneman says he gets a nasty flood like this every five or six years. The flood waters also damaged one of his trucks.
Today he and his neighbor were out surveying the damage.
Ken Brenneman said, “It's pretty much a total loss for this year, and we have some crop insurance to cover it, but it only covers a portion.”
Robert Brubaker, his neighbor, said,  “That's the gamble you do. You got to gamble any time when you're farming.”
Brenneman's going to let the land dry out and just wait to see how bad it is.

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