"Farmer Joe and the Dancing Crow"

Children's book author Professor Hooley stops by to discuss his latest book.

Michael "Hooley" Hughes was a member of the military, serving in the U.S. Navy. Now, he's a children's author. On today's show, he returns for a second appearance to talk about his new book, "Farmer Joe and the Dancing Crow".

"After a great deal of encouragement from one of my college professors, I recently published my first rhyming children's picture book under the pen name of M.R. Hooley," explained Hughes. "Growing up a Dr. Seuss fan and reading often to my two sons as they grew, I began writing my own rhyming stories nearly 20 years ago. After having done so for a few years, I began submitting the stories to publishers," said Hughes.

"Farmer Joe and the Dancing Crow" follows Professor Hooley's first book, "Penelope Skunk Has Junk in Her Trunk!"

If you're interested in getting your kids "hooked on Hooley Books", check out his website!

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