Families Cleaning Up

Local families cleaning up from damage caused by last night's storms.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY -- Plenty of other folks in our area are dealing with the effects of last night's heavy rains.
Here in Altoona, Bill Ferrell and his family woke up to mud and water in their basement. The family's home is right below a stone road that dumped debris and water in their yard and basement. Today the family is evaluating the damage. This is the fourth time water flowed into their home.
Homeowner Bill Ferrell said, "My concern is that unless the problem is fixed with the runoff from the road that this problem will continue to happen over and over again."
The Altoona Water Authority was out cleaning the area affected. They say they are looking into the storm grates to make sure they can handle water the next time it rains like this.

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