Factory Catches Fire

Factory Catches Fire

Workers inside when fire started, at least 3 fire companies respond.
WILLIAMSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - At least 3 fire companies responded to a factory fire that started late Sunday night and continued early Monday morning.

The fire occurred at the Cenveo envelope factory along Juniata River Road in Williamsburg. At least ten workers were inside the plant when the fire started.

According to the Williamsburg Fire Chief, the fire appeared to have started in the paper-waste section of the plant. More the 20 fire fighters were on the scene. As of 2AM many were still trying to put out the fire as smoked continued rise from parts of the building.

It's not yet clear how much damage was done to the inside of the paper-waste section of the factory.

There were no injuries reported to either factory workers or fire fighters.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.
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