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Easing the Winter Blues

If you need extra help, find out how to choose a light box.

As you look out at the cold bleak winter landscape it may help to keep in mind that spring is only 56 days away and that those days are getting longer and it's not so dark. But winter, especially when it's as cold as this one,can put you in a hibernation mood, where you want to do less, and maybe even pack away more food to get you through.

At UPMC Altoona, Behavioral Health Supervisor Mark Frederick says resist those impulses and try to stay active. "Find something new or novel," he advises.  "Find a small hobby, get yourself into in a project, something you can handle, and kind of immerse yourself in that. It's a great distraction." 

Some people develop mild to moderate depression in the winter--a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Frederick says light boxes are the first line treatment for that problem, but  not just any lamp will work. He says it's important that it be 10,000 lux. And make sure you consult with your doctor, first.

For more information choosing a light box.

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