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Dusting Off Dozens of Cars

When snow hits hard like this dealerships have a 4 hour job on their hands.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Clearing off your car after a big storm can be a job. For some people, it's part of how they make a living.

At the Stoltz Family Dealerships in DuBois their employees had nearly 100 cars to clean, move so the plow could get through, and then, move back. They say it is about a 4 hour ordeal they don't look forward to, but they have it down.

Another industry where the snow has to be cleared from cars is pizza delivery. They say when the snow is falling more people are calling.

Delivery drivers at M and M Scotto's say they just take it slow and ask people to be understanding it may take them a little longer to get your delivery out.

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