Drinking Too Much

Drinking Too Much

Elk County ranks #2 in the state for the percent per capita of excessive drinkers.
ELK COUNTY - Per capita, about 24% of drinkers in Elk County, drink excessive amounts.
County Health Rankings.org states they are tied for second most amount of excessive drinkers in the state.

The percentage is actually down from 2013 when the survey says 26% of drinkers were excessive.

To be excessive a woman drinks 1 drink or more a day or 3 at an event every 30 days. A man drinks 2 a day or has 5 drinks at an event every 30 days.

The Center for Disease Control says excessive drinking can impact your health. In Elk County, residents say it is part of their culture. They add it is important to be responsible and to know your limits.

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