Dog Nearly Dies from Malnutrition

Dog Nearly Dies from Malnutrition

A dog the vet says is over 20 pounds underweight is taken from its owner. The owner surrendered a second dog.
JEFFERSON COUNTY - The Voluntary Jefferson County Humane Officer was called to a home where witnesses say they were worried about two dogs out on chains.

The officer arrived and took one one dog, Mike, from the home. The dog was taken to Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals in Coolspring, Jefferson County. The owner, of the sanctuary, Margo Stefanic says Mike was just 18 pounds and being a male border collie he should be between 40 and 60.

The sanctuary also took in Mike's mom, Molly, who the owner surrendered. They say she was not in as bad of a condition. She was malnourished and her teeth are in terrible condition due to her biting the chain she was on.

The dog's owner's name has not been released. Pennsylvania Law only allows for him to be charged with a summary offense. He was fined.

The dogs have been in the Sanctuary's care for a little over 2 weeks and appear to be improving. They have both gained weight and are becoming socialized. Mike will be available for adoption when he is healthy. Due to Molly's age she may stay at the sanctuary.

Willow Run is a non profit and through a site called " A Miracle for Mike" they have been able to raise the funds needed to get him healthy. They thank everyone who has donated.

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