Diabetes/Depression, a Dangerous Combo

May lead to early death.
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA - A study from UPMC  suggests that some people with type 1 diabetes have a higher risk of premature death, when they suffer from depression.
Researchers analyzed data on the health complications of more than 400 people with type 1 diabetes. The study included depression symptoms, ranging from loss of appetite to suicidal tendencies. Scientists say for every 1 point increase in a scale of depression symptoms, patients had a 4 percent increase in the risk of death.

That increase was independent of their age, gender, smoking, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Researchers say these seems to confirm  earlier findings that depression precedes heart problems.
"Through the 25 years that we've been running this study, we've found that there's a lot more to diabetes than high blood sugar," said senior author Trevor Orchard, M.D., professor of epidemiology at Pitt Public Health. "This link between premature mortality and depression adds to our previous findings, which show that depressive symptomatology predicts cardiovascular disease and demonstrates that doctors need to consider more than adjusting insulin doses when treating type 1 diabetes."

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