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Dealing With the Snow

Work follows latest snow fall.
ALTOONA -  Across the region, plenty of people were using part of their President's Day Holiday to dig out after all of our recent snow.   We are in the middle of February and plenty of people were talking today about how sick they are off all the snow and work needed to deal with it.
With what many considered a slight break in the winter weather, lots of  people were out with shovels in hand  doing their best to clear away their walks and driveways.
"I'm shoveling it every couple of days and you can see my back, front yard   is full.  And that's all i can do is shovel."   

 Getting rid of the snow was a big challenge for many.

"If it don't melt,   you can see we are going to have to call in a bob cat and start stacking it or get it hauled away."  

Dealing with ice hanging off of some buildings was another part of today's winter weather recovery efforts.
"Well we are knocking the icicles down   because they are a hazard. Chip the ice away and put salt pellets up there    to help melt the ice.  Gets it off the roof."  

Then there is the problem of what to do with all of the snow and ice.

"Absolutely, as you can see,   it 's up on my window sill here it's been quite an effort  this winter." 

Digging out parking spaces was another popular activity today. Bellwood borough was one community asking residents to restrict where they park to make the snow clean up easier.

"We would like to remind   the residents of the odd even ordinance being an odd day    today we ask that they    residents who have vehicles on the streets    to move them to the odd  number side of the road  in order for our crews to    remove the snow easily." 

It's clear that keeping their walkways free of snow had been a major challenge for plenty of homeowners this year.

"Yeah, not bad, its been a struggle but I found that if you try to stay a ahead of the snow, with the snow blower you can manage it pretty well."   

A number of the people said there big challenge today was breaking up all of the ice that can be found at the bottom of some of the snow piles.  And their goal was just being ready for the next round of winter weather before it hits.

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