Cross Country Walk for a Cause

Two Pennsylvania men making the trek across the country.
ALTOONA - A little music, a backpack and the open road, Anthony Campbell and Sammy Colon are heading west, one step at a time.
“There's been some days when it's rough so we really try to just enjoy each moment, each day, each person that we meet,” Anthony Campbell says.
The two men from the Philadelphia area began their journey on the east coast in Atlantic City on June 1st.
They're walking to raise money for a national program called Steve's Club.
“Steve's Club is an organization that helps inner city kids through Crossfit to give them after school programs to get them off the streets and into the gym,” Sammy Colon says.
Both Anthony and Sammy grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia and with the help of others they turned to healthy food and exercise to turn their lives around. Now they're paying it forward and they say they're planning on taking their time with this walk.
“It becomes more of a job like ‘Oh we have to get there by then.’ So instead we're like let's get there when we get there and enjoy the country and the scenery,” Colon says.
Initially their goal was to raise $10,000.
They admit they're off to a slow start, but regardless of how much money ends up coming in they're enjoying the ride, no matter how long it takes.
“We said when we started out if we can just help one kid, reach one kid, it's a success,” Campbell says.
“Not a lot of people get to say they walked across the country and for a good cause....We want to be part of that small community,” Colon says.

To read more about their journey visit their website.

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