Crews Rescue Residents Stranded by Water

Crews Rescue Residents Stranded by Water

Boats were sent to rescue people stranded by high water in Claysburg, Blair County early Thursday morning.
CLAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - Crews in Blair County are sent to rescue people left stranded by the high water caused by all the rain

Rescue crews say they took two people from their trailer, others in the area chose to stay in their homes.
The water rescue happened along Tavern Lane in Claysburg, which is behind Glenn's Place.
The water rose when the Beaverdam Creek overflowed its banks.

"It was to the first floor levels in the trailers so in  the dark its kind of scary in the back yards the currents were pretty swift and kind of dangerous," said Brian Walls from the Geeseytown Fire Department.

Walls also said people need to stay away from the water until it recedes.

A number of fire departments were called in to assist in the rescue shortly after 2am.
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