Crews Battling Snow in Clearfield County

More than half a foot of snow fell in some places from the latest winter storm.
CLEARFIELD, CLEARFIELD COUNTY – More than half a foot of snow fell in Clearfield County in less than 8 hours before turning to a wintry mix.

Road crews said Tuesday they were ready for the latest winter storm and have been clearing roads, but drivers could be dealing with ice and freezing rain.

PennDOT is asking people to please stay off roads until cleared. Less drivers on the road makes it easier for crews to plow and re-plow the roads.

Major roadways, including I-80, I-99, I-70, and Routes 22 and 219 reduced their speed limits to 45 mph.

It is recommended you have an emergency kit in your vehicle along with water and some food in case you get stuck.
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