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Craigslist Concerns

Advice from computer expert.
Altoona - Are there steps you should be taking to protect yourself before making a deal on-line with someone you don't know? 
The use of on line  exchange services  like Craigslist have been growing in popularity at a rapid rate.  This sort  of activity has become an important part of the economy, not only nationally but locally  as well.
That 's why  plenty of people  get a little bit uneasy when they hear about some one becoming the victim of a crime  because they have tried to  purchase   goods or services from an on-line contact.
But experts in the field of computer commerce say there is really no reason for people to be concerned about their safety as long as they follow the same safety precautions they would use in any other business dealing.  The only real danger comes  if you are putting yourself in a situation that could be considered dangerous  because of other circumstances.

"Craigslist, they have tens of  thousands of transactions  every day.  And almost all of those transactions  go off with no trouble at all.  Where you might have to be careful is if you are engaging in some sort of activity  where you have to meet some one at 2 o'clock in the morning.  If you are getting into something like that, maybe you do need to be a little more careful."
The  Penn State Computer Instructor went on to  say that Craigslist and other similar on line-services now  play  the  role  of bringing together buyers and sellers in the same way that   newspaper want ads always have. The  best advice from computer experts  is to use the same  caution  on-line that you would use when  dealing with a stranger  or unknown business in person.

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