Couple Charged After 8 Month Old Is Abused

An Altoona father is charged with the abuse of the 8 month old child. The mother is charged with failing to care for him.
ALTOONA - An Altoona couple has been charged after a 8 month old is abused.
Altoona police arrested Christopher Kelly and Amber McBride Wednesday. Kelly is accused of abusing their 8 month old child on March 16th. Due to previous abuse of the child, Kelly wasn't supposed to be alone with him. However McBride left the child alone with Kelly and returned to find severe bruising on the child. Police say Kelly admitted to striking and dropping the 8 month old, which doctors say fractured his pelvis. Kelly and McBride face felony charges for the abuse and for failing to report and treat the child. They're in the Blair County Prison awaiting a hearing.
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