Chrysler orders donated Dodge Vipers destroyed

Chrysler orders donated Dodge Vipers destroyed

The Vipers were first produced in 1992, with some donated to trade schools.
AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN – Chrysler Group is ordering the destruction of all Dodge Vipers they once donated to trade schools for educational purposes.

Chrysler said in a statement the equipment on the cars is out of date, and their destruction would represent no great loss to the automotive industry.

“Chrysler Group fully understands and appreciates the historical significance of the Viper and is very active in preserving many of its legendary models and designs for historic purposes. However, none of these vehicles fit into this category,” the automaker told CNN.

The first Vipers were produced in 1992 with a 400 horsepower 8.0-liter V10 engine. The current version, called the SRT Viper, has an 8.4-liter 600 horsepower V10 engine.

Some reports alleged the order to crush the cars was given in response to lawsuits stemming from accidents, something Chrysler has strongly disputed.
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