Check Scam Targets Elderly

Check Scam Targets Elderly

Another check scam appears to be targeting the elderly in Cambria County.
JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY--- Another check scam appears to be targeting the elderly in Cambria County.

"I found this glorified letter - $4,350 it said that I won and I thought this is really great," said Constable Sam Allison.  "I thought this is beautiful they only want me to deposit part of this check into checking account and write them a $3,900 processing fee to get the big winnings."

But after more than 51 years in law enforcement, Allison knew this was too good to be true.  So he contacted his “representative’ to talk about these winnings.

"I called the individual actor and talked to him, at first he wouldn't talk to me and he hung up on me,” said Allison.  “I had to call him back a second time and he got a little compatible."

What concerned Allison most about this check is it has a local banks name on it, Fifth and Third Bank.

"The check they gave me is from a bank in Kentucky but they have an office in Murrysville, so I contacted Murrysville, and they said the check is bogus."

Allison called the “representative’ back and gave him the news.

"I'm a Pennsylvania State Constable and former police officer so this idea of you ripping people the folks here in Cambria County or any other county isn't going to proceed."

Allison said it is sad to see the elderly ripped off by scams.  He recommends that if you get a check in the mail, don’t cash it or deposit it without checking with your local police department.

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