Bus Laws Could Cost You

Bus Laws Could Cost You

State Police say follow the laws or be prepared to pay a $250 fine, 5 points and lose your license for 60 days.
CLEARFIELD COUNTY -  National School Bus Safety Week is Monday October 21-Friday October 25. As part of the week, State Police are  part of Operation Safe Stop.

Districts inform State Police of where people are violating school bus laws and the Police target those areas.

If a driver is cited for breaking a school bus law he/she will be fined $250, lose his/her license for 60 days and get 5 points on his/her license.

State Police say:

If you see yellow lights flashes on a bus, it is getting ready to stop and you should slow down.

If the red lights are flashing and the stop sign is out you must stop and cannot pass. You must stay stopped until the lights go off. You should stop ten feet from the bus.

Obey speed limits in school zones.

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