Burglary Ring In Our Region?

Two suspects taken into custody.
CONEMAUGH TOWNSHIP, SOMERSET COUNTY - Two suspected burglars are behind bars after leading police on a chase Sunday and being arrested Monday. Now police are saying this may just be the beginning.
Police say 31 year-old Michaelson Ferdinand and 38 year-old Shawn Everetts were spotted breaking into a business on along Krings Street in Conemaugh Township Friday. An eyewitness led police to a green jeep, and after escaping during a chase Sunday, the two men were arrested Monday.
"It's nice to get them and get a lot of the property back for the victims because no matter what they never get full property back for their losses," Conemaugh Township Police Officer Russell Miller says.
Police say Ferdinand and Everetts targeted power tools and car batteries. They’re suspected of multiple burglaries in the region.
Todd Berkebile's business lost about 45 hundred dollars worth of equipment.
"There were at least two incidents where they took around 20 batteries, a chainsaw, a gas can and we're not sure what else," Todd Berkebile says.
And more arrests could be on the way. Conemaugh Township Police say the men aren't alone.
"It's a bigger ring. It's more than just a couple thefts here and there. We know it's at least spanning two counties and we don't know how many more right now but it's definitely a big burglary ring," Officer Miller says.
For now Berkibile is glad to have these men off the streets, and hopes it's just the beginning.
"I hope they get prosecuted and go pay for their deeds, but the police did a good job," Berkebile says.
Ferdinand and Everetts are in Somerset County Jail. More charges are expected to be added soon.

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