Breaking Barrier: Jackie Robinson Story

Jackie Robinon's daughter, Sharon, made her way to DuBois to share the story of her father and how he inspires her.
DUBOIS CLEARFIELD COUNTY - On April 15, 1947 Jackie Robinson, #42, stepped out onto the field as the Dodgers' first baseman. It was the first time, a black man, had ever played for a major league baseball team.

His daughter, Sharon, shared he may have been scouted and selected due to the fact he was college educated, he believed in change and he was a professional.

She shared his story at Penn State DuBois.

For Robinson and his family, breaking the barrier was about much more than baseball. It was a way he could be a big part of the movement to promote change in the United States.

For her, sharing how he overcame struggle is an inspiration.

"It gives kids hope and it gives them a belief that they can conquer things in their own lives" she said.

She told the audience to find their passion, find what matters adding people should keep their options open and go to college.

She is a former nurse and an author.
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