Brain Awareness at PSU Altoona

Brain Awareness at PSU Altoona

University focuses on brain research and keeping the brain healthy.

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - An area university wants you to know more about something that controls much of your life--your brain. Penn State Altoona is hosting Brain Awareness Week, to increase awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research, and to celebrate the wonder of the brain.

Speakers, seminars and demonstrations are focusing on everything from sports concussions to the effect of alcohol on the brain.

Dr Cairsty DePasquale, Assistant Professor of Biology  said Wednesday's events will focus on both alcohol and stress, which are toxic to the brain.

"We need to be aware of how we're treating our brains so we can have it optimally functional throughout our lives," she said.

On Friday, Dr. DePasquale will demonstrate in the lab how neurologists setion, stain, and mount brains, and what they look for under a microscope.

Saturday's main event features "neuroscience for kids" which involves fun activities in the lab.

This week, both Penn State Alto0ona's Robert Eiche Libary and the Altoona Public Library have book displays on the brain.

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