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Blair Reassessment Report Preview

Tracking potential changes to property values.
HOLLIDAYSBURG - For the first time in more than fifty years Blair County is  moving toward a County wide Reassessment.
With  property values in Blair  County based on  information that was gathered back in 1958   there are plenty of people who say the current assesses value in  Blair County are unfair.
But it is the need for more county revenue that is really  driving the  support of the County Commissioners to move toward a reassessment.   With some sixty six thousand property parcels that will be  be part of the process,  reassessment  will be complicated, expensive and time consuming.
The move will open the door to  higher property taxes eventually but it is also expected to result of a more fair systems of establishing property values and help make sure that all property owners pay their fair share.
That's why Blair County leaders are waiting on a report  that is expected to  point out uneven property values currently in place.

"Well we are awaiting the results of the study.  A few weeks age we hired a law firm to take a look at our tax base. And we expects to have that report next Tuesday.   So then once we get the results of that  study,   we can determine what the need is to move forward."        

The Blair County Commissioners  expect the number released next week will back up the perceived need to update the property values in the County.  But that is still a long process that will take a couple of years to complete. Much more on the effects of a county wide review of property values and how property owners could be affected.
That's  coming  up tomorrow at Six in a special report on Reassessment.

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