Bicycle Pete Kidnapping Victim to Speak

Peggy Bradnick will speak at the Blair Senior Center Friday.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY – The victim of a 1966 kidnapping will be speaking to the public Friday.

Peggy Ann Bradnick will be at the Blair Senior Center at 10:30 speaking about being taken prisoner.

In 1966, then 17-year-old Peggy Ann Bradnick was kidnapped by William Hollenbaugh, also known as Bicycle Pete.

Hollenbaugh was an ex-convict and former mental patient near Shade Gap, Huntingdon County who kidnapped Bradnick and kept her as her prisoner for 7 days, chaining her to trees and hiding in the woods.

Bradnick was rescued after a massive manhunt and deadly shootout which killed an FBI agent and Hollenbuagh.
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