Bachelors Making Strides

Bachelors Making Strides

Bachelors go up for auction for Making Strides.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Wednesday night was “Ladies Night” at the Altoona Curve and amidst all the fun activities there was a different kind of fundraiser for a good cause.

Lots of people have bake sales and charity walks for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, but eight bachelors really put themselves out there for the good cause. Nathan Bowen and the other seven bachelors went up for auction to raise money for the cause.

Ladies 21 and over could buy raffle tickets and put them in the box of their favorite single Curve employee. And Chili's will donate the dinner.

And Bowen and the other bachelors are looking forward to the big date and raising money for Making Strides.

So nobody feels awkward a big group date will be here at the Curve on July 24th.
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