APD Facebook Reunites 3-Year-Old with Lost Treasures

APD Facebook Reunites 3-Year-Old with Lost Treasures

Through their Facebook page, the Altoona Police department was able to reunite a 3-year-old with her lost treasures.
ALTOONA - Altoona Police Department is crediting their Facebook followers for another success story!

At about 4 PM on Wednesday, a "Hello Kitty" bag was found in the area off 6th Avenue and 44th Street in the City.

The person who found the bag turned it into the police department.

Altoona Police posted a picture of the bag on their Facebook page stating, "We understand we are not the lost and found police BUT it appears to be a little girl's bag filled with ALL her treasures...blankie, dolls, stuffed animals etc. and we would really like to return it as we assume it is greatly missed and make a little girl smile once again."

And about 3 hours later... 3-year-old Adellia Webster became a very happy little girl, as she was reunited with all her precious things.

Police send out a thank you for the caring person who stopped to pick the bag alongside the road.
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