Another Mobile Home Park to Close in Centre County

The residents of Franklin Manor Mobile Home Park in State College received a letter Friday, saying they have until October 1 to move out.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - The residents of Franklin Manor mobile home park in State College off of North Atherton Street in State College received a letter Friday, saying they have until October 1 to move out.

This will be the third mobile home park in State College to close in just over a year.

Residents said they were completely taken off guard when they received that letter Friday and said they're worried about finding new housing.

The mobile home park will officially close April 1 and residents have until October 1 to move.

"This is our home, everybody loves everybody, everybody is family here," resident Dustin Emel said.

Emel is worried. After 20 years of living in Franklin Manor mobile home park, he and about 25 other families, are getting kicked out.

"I have kids and the older people in the trailer park, they don't really have places to go," he said.

"I liked it here," resident Jim Snook said. "I liked it here a lot. It's close to the stores."

Snook has lived here for 33 years. He said being close to stores and a doctors office is a necessity because he doesn't have a car.

"I'm sad because I have to move," he said. "I can't afford any other places."

That lack of affordable housing in Centre County has been highlighted, especially over the past year. Between two devastating fires in State College and Bellefonte and three mobile home parks closing, about 250 affordable housing units are gone.

"We've worked very hard in trying to establish options for folks, regardless of incomes," Housing Transitions Executive Director Ron Quinn said.

But Quinn said that's becoming more and more difficult as low income housing units continue to close. He said agencies across the county are doing everything they can to help.

"He's got a lot of people here that have to find homes now," resident Henry Weaver said. "What the heck is going on here?"

Weaver hopes he will find something in the State College area, but is worried it may not happen. He and his son, John, say they're now looking to move to places like Tyrone or Lamar.

Emel said they're all waiting and holding out hope.

"The lowest income places, and it's not even low income, are about $700," Emel said. "How can we afford that? We're just going to wait for answer and see what comes out."

The owner of the mobile home park did not return phone calls for comment Monday.

Centre County Housing officials will meet Tuesday to discuss options for these residents.

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