An Alzheimer's Plan for Pa

Public speaks out at Centre County meeting.

Folks in our region affected by Alzheimer's disease got to tell their stories at a public meeting.
It's estimated that about 300,000 Pennsylvania residents are living with Alzheimer's disease and the number of people affected by memory problems is closer to 400,000 if you add in other types of dementia.
Earlier this year, the governor created the Pennsylvania Alzheimer's Disease Planning Committee and on Thursday, August 8, that group took testimony at a public meeting in State College. Its goal is to create a comprehensive plan by February of next year, outlining ways to address Alzheimer's disease  in Pa.

The head of a local Area Agency on  Aging says these meetings across the state will raise awareness of the problem  which is only expected to get worse.

Blair Senior Services Steve Williamson says, "it's a crippling disease, it costs a lot of money, and there's not a good outcome that's involved with it, so anything that could be done to support people going through the progression of the disease is a good thing. "

Williamson says the public forums give the state a chance to see the impact Alzheimer's has on patients and their families.
It also gives the public information about community resources that are available.

For more information on the committee and its upcoming meetings

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