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Altoona Road Closed by Truck Crash

Part of 6th Avenue shut down.
ALTOONA -  The crash of an out of control beer truck shut down a busy roadway in Altoona on Monday.   A section of Sixth Avenue was closed for several hours so that utility crews could make some extensive repairs after a truck crash brought down a number of utility lines.

All sorts of utility workers and emergency crews converged on this section of Sixth Avenue just before noon.  It was clear from the first reports they had a big and complicated repair job on their hands.

It was after eleven Monday morning when the driver of loaded beer lost control of his vehicle, ran off the side of Sixth Avenue and took out a utility pole. The crash shook up plenty of people who lived in the immediate area.
"I was sitting at home watching a movie and I just hard a loud boom.   My TV went blank and I was like some body hit a pole around here somewhere so we went for a walk and come up   and we find the Budweiser truck and the telephone pole."

The driver was able to walk away from the crash   but the damage from the accident was extensive.  Multiple utility poles were broken and a number of service lines were pulled down.

"I was getting some tools out and  we just heard this really loud bang,    and a couple of other guys, we were doing some work   and they were all looking and pointing   and I looked over and   the telephone pole was down over the top of the truck."
A bank branch was the only business that was forced to shut down because it lost electrical service for an extended period.   Other commercial neighbors were able to keep their doors open.  But there was some problem with customers getting to those businesses because of the detours that were put into place.

"Well you know,   with the road being closed,   and we have had a lot of people   having to cut back through, and back out and around, I mean, its pretty much an inconvenience for anybody having to come down this way,   cause if you have to go out 764, you either have to come this way or go back past Evergreen and its just a little bit of a headache right now." 

  Altoona police remained on the scene for several detouring traffic around the crash site so utility repairs could be made.   Crews still on the job late Monday afternoon said they expected to roadway to re-open early Monday evening.

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