Almost 24 Billion Miles Traveled

Almost 24 Billion Miles Traveled

Pennsylvania ranked 7th nationally for interstate vehicle-miles traveled.
WASHINGTON - Pennsylvania is one of America's ten busiest states (by vehicle-miles traveled) according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

PA drivers logged 23.662 billion interstate vehicle miles based on the latest data available to the DOT.

California grabbed the #1 spot with 84.6 billion interstate miles traveled.

According to the data, Americans are almost doubling the number miles traveled on U.S. roads when compared with numbers from 1980.

"Data like these help us better understand the highway system and its needs," said Victor Mendez, Federal Highway Administrator. "Analysis of the nation's traffic patterns and areas of changing traffic volume will lead to safer, less congested roads and greater mobility for all Americans.

America's Ten Busiest States (by interstate vehicle-miles traveled)
  1. California 84.681 billion
  2. Texas 55.734 billion
  3. Florida 34.689 billion
  4. Ohio 31.389 billion
  5. Illinois 31.033 billion
  6. Georgia 28.467 billion
  7. Virginia 24.062 billion
  8. Pennsylvania 23.662 billion
  9. North Carolina 21.241 billion
  10. Michigan 20.707 billion

An in depth look at the transportation data and report can be found here...

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