A New Level of Cyber Bullying

A teen girl becomes the subject of a "hate" fan page on social media.
MORRISDALE, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Since the beginning of time there has been bullying, but now, it has made its way out of the schools and onto social media sites.

Recently, a West Branch School District student became the subject of a Facebook page aimed at banning together people who hate the 14 year old girl.

She says the creator and her use to be friends, but grew apart and started having issues. The fighting back and forth seemed to stop and then, this page was made.

The district says they have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. They consider this case, harassment. The teen says she just tries to ignore it.

The police have not been involved in any investigation and no charges have been filed.

According to parents who tried to have the page taken down, Facebook says it is not part of their policy.

The only person with the power to take it down is the girl who made it. People, on the page, have suggested she should take it down. They say making it was taking things too far and no one deserves to be treated that way.

The school says they teach social media responsibility and they are happy to see people sticking up for the victim.

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