A New Kind of Social Media

SodaPop is a new social ap created by AGLogic in Brookville as a way to have a more private social media account.
BROOKVILLE, JEFFERSON COUNTY - After a teen, who did not appear to be having troubles, committed suicide, Cornerstone Ministries in Murrysville,PA contacted AGLogic to see if there was an idea the app creation company, based in Brookville, could come up with to connect with teens suffering in silence.

While they worked on the app, another teen near Murrysville, killed himself. He had announced his intentions on social media.

AGLogic needed a place where people feeling alone could express themselves and receive advice.

They came up with app called SodaPop.

Much like other social apps, on Sodapop you can share pictures, ideas, and comments. The difference is, SodaPop is private. Only you can invite people into your network. You can have many different networks. For instance, someone may belong to a network for her church, another one for her school, another for her soccer team and another for just her family. Only the people within in the network that you post and see what you added. So, if you post in soccer, your family network cannot see it.

The most important part, of the app, is the safe zones within networks. In a safe zone, you can anonymously post a question or comment and it will anonymously be answered by someone within your safe zone. By being anonymous, someone can truly share how they feel without fear of ramifications and people can give honest advice.

The developers can see the safe zone working like a comment box in someone's office even.

The app is in testing and is expected to be released within a few weeks. For more, click here.
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