A Clear Solution

A Clear Solution

Penn State Students create clear bag because of new stadium security policy.
UNIVERSITY PARK - Like many other sporting venues after the Boston Marathon bombing, Penn State announced new safety rules prohibiting fans from carrying conventional bags into Beaver Stadium.

Clear bags are allowed, but some Penn State students decided to create a bag that's clear and at the same time allows for some privacy.

It's called the "My Event Bag", and it uses a piece of paper called a "privacy shield" that allows for items to still be inspected by stadium workers, while at the same time still allowing people to bring their belongings such as medicine into the stadium.

"You can put all your items in it and still have some privacy," said Chris Marthers, one of the students who helped create and market the bags. "It's all because of that privacy shield."

So far, about 5,000 "Event Bags" have been sold, and the students plan to extend sales across the country.

Visit My Event Bag's website for more information.

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