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$30 Lottery Tickets for Sale

High priced tickets selling fast.
ALTOONA - The Pennsylvania lottery introduced a new scratch off game but the cost might just surprise you.  How do you feel about spending thirty dollars on an instant lottery ticket?
The Pennsylvania Lottery introduced its most expensive game this week and the game  is generating  interest among gamblers.       
The cost is not a big factor when it comes to selling this new instant lottery game.
 Across the state and this region, there is plenty of demand for these new thirty dollar instant lottery tickets. Based on its top prize, the most expensive instant lottery game in the history of the Pennsylvania lottery is called "Three Million." Lottery retailers report plenty of demand for the expensive tickets.
"Most definitely.    Yes, the prizes are bigger on the 30 dollar ticket.  Yes it costs a little bit more but people are willing to pay more for a ticket.  In order to win more money." 

The larger jackpots offered   seem to have plenty of people snatching up the  thirty dollar  instant tickets.
"I've been playing it here the last couple of days.   Haven't really won anything on it,    they should have more of a pay out on a thirty dollar   ticket." 

While other lottery players say this new game is  be too rich for them,  they still understand its   appeal.
" I think people are more excited  because it is new and  it has got a chance for three million dollars.  So  that makes it a big difference,  and being a new ticket."

  Twenty eight percent of instant sales  in Pennsylvania  currently  comes from  twenty dollar tickets.  That why the lottery is  confident there will be a market for the thirty dollar tickets . Local lottery agents  agree.

"A lot of folks really seem to be excited to play it,   they are looking forward to winning more money." 

  While the lottery officials  say the new  thirty dollar  instant game offers better odds,    winning the  three million dollar top prize  is still one in one point six five million.

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