Curwensville Borough Meeting

Curwensville Borough Meeting

<br>A large crowd is expected to be at the Curwensville Borough meeting to question if a registered sex offender is opening a shelter in their town.

CURWENSVILLE, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - In early December, in the legals section of The Progress was a notice that a not for profit organization called 70 X 7 Ministries had filed articles of incorporation with the Commonwealth.

70 X 7 is a ministry that provides spiritual, mental, emotional and physical support to help people in need become productive citizens. It is not a shelter.

Residents worried when the address for the ministry was listed as Dennis Reedy's home, a registered Megan's Law Offender who served 8 months in prison for groping a 13 year old boy and having sex with a 16 year old in the bathroom of the Nittany Mall.

Reedy once resided at Just for Jesus Ministry in Snyder Township, a shelter that takes in people from all walks of life including sex offenders and ex - convicts.

Residents in Curwensville worried he was trying to set-up a similar shelter in DuBois.

Curwensville Borough says nothing about a Counseling Center has come through their office and in order to open they would need appropriate zoning and permits.

The Police Chief also says not permits have been filed.

He adds police could not stop them from creating a phone service counseling center.

Just for Jesus is attending the Curwensville Borough Meeting to discuss that Just for Jesus is not in anyway affiliated with a proposed counseling center in Curwensville.

They add they have nothing to do with Curwensville.

The borough meeting begins at 7:00pm in the Borough Building.
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