Curve Players Talk All-Star Break

Curve Players Talk All-Star Break

Altoona Curve players talk about their experiences in the Eastern League All-Star game, and the MLB Futures game.<br mce_bogus="1">

ALTOONA - Six different Altoona Curve players were invited to a 2013 All-Star game.  Pitcher Jameson Taillon and Casey Sadler weren't able to throw, but the four other Curve players participated.

"I got a RBI single.  It was exciting," says Cuve infielder Jarek Cunningham, about the Eastern League All-star game.

"Definitely the part of the game we were in, we had a lot of good at bats and our team put together some really good opportunities.  [The single] helped us to win, I guess."

Pitcher Ethan Hollingsworth and infielder Adalberto Santos also saw some action in the E.L. midseason summer game.

"I threw one inning, gave up a double," says Pitcher Ethan Hollingsworth.  "And then [Adalberto] Santos made a great play, a diving stop.  It actually saved a run from scoring."

"It kept it a shutout game so that was pretty clutch, pretty cool," says Santos.

Playing aside, the guys said it was cool to hang out with the other guys they play against in the conference.

"Mike Wright, the starter [Monday night, for Bowie], he was the starter in the All-Star Game, for our team," says Santos. "So that was pretty cool to face him after just getting to know him and hang out with him."

While those Curve players got to be a part of the Eastern League All-Star (Western) team, outfielder Gregory Polanco traveled to New York over the weekend for to take part in Sunday's MLB Futures game.

"Thats my goal to play in the major league, says Polanco.  "I thought 'oh, I made it.'  It was just one game but just got to keep working and wait for the opportunity to get to the major league."

No doubt that Polanco, who is rated #4 in the Pirates' farm system, is headed in that direction.

The 2014 Eastern League All-Star game will be played in Altoona, at PNG Field.

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