Could ACA Toll-Free Number Be the Answer?

Could ACA Toll-Free Number Be the Answer?

Effort to help those faced with health insurance cancellation.

If you expect to have new health insurance by January 1,  under the Affordable Care Act, you have only nine days to sign up. Because of glitches and delays in the system, that could be a major problem for  millions of people whose current policies are being cancelled.
A local man is part of an effort to help federal officials devise at least a short-term solution. The president and ceo of an employee benefits firm in Altoona met this week with representatives of the Health and Human Services Department and members of Congress.
Booker Moore, of L.R. Webber Associates was with a delegation of  health underwriters looking for a way to keep people from losing their medical coverage. He says was supposed to have a feature that would allow health insurance professionals to help Americans sign up for a plan, but that part of the system was never activated.

Now, he says efforts are underway to create another option--a toll-free number which would lead callers to a health insurance professional. Moore believes Congress and federal officials will get behind the proposal.

"It doesn't matter whether you're Republican, Democrat or Independent," he says, "you don't want any of your constituents to be calling saying, 'my healthcare got terminated and you didn't do anything about it.'"
Moore says the proposal by the National Association of Health Underwriters has a better than average chance of becoming a reality. He also predicts  that the ACA provision requiring employers to provide health insurance for anyone working at least 30 hours a week will be eliminated.

The L.R. Webber representative says he's been working with Pennsylvania Congressmen Bill Shuster and Charlie Dent to create ACA solutions. 

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