Correctional Officer in Custody

Blair County Prison Arrest
Fred Zigler
Fred Zigler
A Blair County Correctional Officer is facing felony drug charges after being arrested Sunday afternoon.  Authorities say Fred Zigler was trying to bring pills and other contraband into the jail when he was taken into custody.
People involved in this investigation say they were working toward this arrest for several months.  They say they were pleased to be able to apprehend their suspect on Sunday.
The Pennsylvania State Police  report that  the 27  year old  Fred Zigler  was reporting for his  shift as a  correctional officer  at three in the afternoon on Sunday when he was approached  by the Warden of the Prison,  Mike Johnston.   A bag of contraband was discovered on Zigler according the police report.
In that bag were pills that included  Oxycotin and Oxycodone tablets along with other  pills and small items   including loose tobacco, rolling papers and a lighter that are  off limits in the  jail. 
The part time correctional officer now faces felony contraband and drug charges. The people in charge of the jail say a lot of work went into making this arrest.

"You are not just dealing with the warden and the officer.  You have to get people who will tell you what is going on, confidential informants, those types of individuals.   So it has taken some time but very pleased that this has come to a conclusion."

Zigler remains in custody   this but is being held but is being held in a lock up outside of Blair County.  State police assisted the Blair County District Attorney's office and Blair County Prison Officials in the six month long investigation.

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