Conemaugh Doc Dedicated to Surgery

Conemaugh Doc Dedicated to Surgery

She's now working on robotic weight-loss surgery.

A local surgeon didn't plan to follow in her father's footsteps, but she says it's been the perfect path to travel. Now she's know for her own skills in the OR at Conemaugh Health System. 

Dr D'Arcy Duke  says she does it all from soup to nuts.  As  a general surgeon she operates on everything between the chin and the top of the thighs, but  weight loss procedures are among her favorites.
She says, "I enjoy the procedure I enjoy the patients and I enjoy being able to give somebody a second chance and allowing them to take that and change their life,  it's very rewarding." She performs all 3 types of weight loss surgery and is now training on the newest technology robotics.
"It's amazing how much detail you can see," she says. It's a 3D scope so when you look through it everything's 3 dimensional.

Dr Duke grew up in Johnstown where her father  Bruce Duke was a well-known surgeon. She wasn't sure she wanted to be a surgeon or to  practice in her home city.  

"I was exposed to it as a child," she explains, "and was encouraged not to become a surgeon because it's very time consuming and is  a definite a priority in your life."

But after a surgical residency at Boston Medical Center, she returned to Johnstown where she practiced  with her father for ten years.

"It was a wonderful experience to work with him," she remembers,"and I wish he was still working so we could work together."

She may be wistul for the old days working with dad, but she relishes the challenges ahead ,happy with the choices she's made .

Dr. Duke says, "I truly love what I do and being a surgeon it becomes part of your identity it comes before everything else when they call you, you have to go."

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