Community Remembers Local Radio Host

Community Remembers Local Radio Host

A long time radio host was killed in a crash. Three members of her family were injured.
RIDGWAY, ELK COUNTY - Rebecca Towne, 48, was well known as a radio host for 97.5 The Hound.

On September 21 she and three of her family members were involved in a 2 vehicle crash along SR 153 in Pine Township. The cars collided and both caught on fire.

Becky died at the hospital from her injuries. Her family members are still recovering at a rehab center in DuBois. They did not have insurance.

Her colleagues at 97.5, son's boy scout troop and volunteers from the community hosted a spaghetti dinner/ auction benefit for her family.

Her colleague JJ Michaels said " She was the type of person that made every body around her better because she believed in everybody. She believed in the better good of society and every person and it was just neat to see how she influenced so many people in her life."

They hope to raise around $10,000 from the benefit and are holding an auction Saturday morning on 97.5 The Hound to raise more money for the family.

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