Clearfield Mayor Will Not Resign

Clearfield Mayor Will Not Resign

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CLEARFIELD, CLEARFIELD COUNTY --- A majority of Clearfield council members voted for Mayor Patty Gilliland to resign on Thursday.  Mayor Gilliland is responding for the first time.  She told her side of the story to WTAJ News.

Mayor Gilliland wants to stress that she will not step down.  She plans to carry out her term, and run for re-election in 2009.

Five Clearfield Council members voted for Mayor Gilliland to resign at a meeting Thursday night.  Only one council member voted against the motion.

WTAJ News still doesn’t know exactly why these members are upset with Mayor Gilliland.  A couple council members said she did not tell them about a recent visit from the governor.  Governor Rendell came to Clearfield to present a check to the borough.


No one knows if that is the main issue, but Mayor Gilliland is defending herself.  She said she asked the borough's operations manager, Leslie Stott, to tell the rest of the council about the visit.  Mayor Gilliland said the operations manager agreed to tell everyone, but said at Thursday night's meeting Stott denied that Mayor Gilliland ever told her to do that.


Mayor Gilliland said she has her own ideas for why council wants her to quit.  She thinks a main reason is that they just don't want her to be mayor.

She also tells us that tension started between her and some of the council members as soon as she took office.  In March, the council passed a resolution.  That resolution states that everyone must sign in to visit anyone in the police department.  They must also have a police escort while they are in the building. 

Gilliland has to follow this rule since her office is in the Clearfield Police Department.  She said one of her duties is to oversee police actions, but this resolution makes it nearly impossible.

On Saturday, she showed WTAJ News how she was locked out of certain areas because she didn't have a police escort.

Mayor Gilliland said this is just one example of how council has kept her out of the loop.


"I need to be aware, I represent all the people, and people expect me to know what the issues are and what's happening,” Gilliland said.  “I can't respond unless I know, and they need to keep me informed."

WTAJ News asked her how this issue would affect the council’s future.

"We have to work together, and if they don't realize this it's going to hurt Clearfield, and I see that happening already,” Gilliland said.  “We were moving forward, but this has taken us back, and it's very sad."


WTAJ News did talk to some council members.  They are not ready to comment about this issue, yet.

Again, Mayor Patty Gilliland is adamant that she will not resign.  Keept watching WTAJ News for more updates. 

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