Clearfield County Gets $17 Million Boost

Governor Ed Rendell has a plan to bring hundreds of jobs to Clearfield County.
Camille Bud George says putting new jobs in Clearfield County is a top priority, along with boosting the local economy. Thats why he supports Governor Ed Rendell when he says hes putting Pennsylvania to work. The governor says our economy is failing and that we cant wait for help from Washington, so hes moving forward with a $17 million plan to bring jobs to Clearfield County. $5.7 million is going towards the Paris Company in DuBois. They provide hospitals and nursing homes with laundry services. The governor says the money will not only create dozens of more jobs, but it will also secure the jobs of the hundreds of people who already work there. Another $5.7 million dollar check went to the borough of Clearfield to jump start the river front project, and another million went to the local YMCA. Representative Bud George says Clearfield has a bright future, and that all of these improvements are just the beginning.
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