Chef Doug from 'The Casino' Visits CPAL

Chef Doug from 'The Casino' Visits CPAL

Chef Doug Simons is another featured chef at the March of Dimes Chef Auction later this month.

The Casino at Lakemont Park is a full service catering facility located in Altoona. Chef Doug Simons from The Casino joins Dawn in the kitchen to preview an upcoming charity event - the March of Dime's Signature Chefs Auction.

Today's Recipe:
Chocolate Cappuccino Mousse     
From the kitchen of Chef Doug Simon     
Serves 4


4 oz. Dark Chocolate, shaved or chunked
1  t.   Coffee Flavored Liquor
  t.   Butter
2 T. Heavy Cream
3 ea. Eggs, separated
1-1/2 T Sugar


2  metal bowls
1  small sauce pan with double boiler
1  wire whisk
1  rubber spatula

In a small metal bowl, combine dark chocolate, heavy cream, coffee liquor and butter. 
Melt in a double boiler over low heat.

While chocolate is melting, separate egg yolks and whites into two metal bowls.
Add sugar to egg yolks and whisk together for about 20 seconds.
When chocolate is melted, slowly add it to the yolk/sugar mixture, stirring frequently to combine well.

Whisk the egg whites to a stiff peak.  Using the rubber spatula, add 1/3 of the whipped whites to the yolk/chocolate mixture.  Blend gently to combine then add the remaining whites to the mixture.  Use a gentle folding motion to thoroughly combine the whites into the mixture.

Mousse can be portioned into small coffee cups or served in a decorative bowl.
It can be topped with whipped cream to give the effect of steamed milk and dusted with cocoa or cinnamon.

You can read more about Chef Doug on the Casino at Lakemont website.

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