Centerville Water Concerns

Centerville Water Concerns

Water leaks remain a problem
CENTERVILLE, BEDFORD COUNTY - Some people who live in the small Bedford County village of Centerville have been without a reliable water supply for more than week.  Leaks in the municipal water system are blamed.   But fixing the problem is turning out to be a difficult task.
 There were plenty of frustrated people at tonight's municipal meeting in the Cumberland Valley Township Building. It seems here are water leaks that are very difficult to find.  Authority members and community representatives willing to speak out during this meeting  made  it clear  that after a week of  off and on water service, they  want to see these problems put behind them.  But that appears to be easier said than done. 

 "We don't really know what the problem is.  We have a severe leak some place and we  can't find it right now." 
About nine days ago the water system in Centerville lost pressure.  While some of that has been restored,   the main leak causing the problem has still not been located.
 "Well we have walked the line trying to find the leak using a machine that detects water leaks." 
While service has been restored to some homes, dozens of other customers are currently receiving limited water service.

"they are getting water  two hours in the morning and two hours in evening  until we can find the leak so so they have  water  for what they need it for"   

That is proving to be a frustrating situation for many in the community.

"Well sure I'm frustrated the water problems.  I mean I have a lot of friends that live here in Centerville. I grew up in this community."

The water line breaks are blamed on the age of the systems and the   recent freeze and thaw.  System employees say they are doing all they can to try and find and repair the leaks. For now they are just asking their customers for patience.

"Well hang in there, until we find the problem we will get it fixed a.s.a.p."
Part of the problem and fixing this water line leak is that the Centerville Municipal Authority has only part time employees and has depended on the Cumberland Valley Township for equipment and additional manpower.  Still the authority hopes to be able to isolate any significant leaks and restore full water service in the near future.

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