Cash-Free Turnpike Planned

Turnpike Commission integrating All Electronic Tolling.
BEDFORD - Toll booths could soon become a thing of the past. A new plan by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission means cash will no longer be necessary.
It's called All Electronic Tolling.
Instead of cash, drivers either use an EZ Pass, or cameras photograph your license plate, and send you the bill.
“AET, much like EZ Pass allows you to process vehicles more easily and we think more safely because there's no starting or stopping or people in lines or people trying to cross over to get to a particular lane,” Turnpike Communications Chief William Capone says.
The commission hopes to have the new multi-million dollar system in place by 2018.
They say it will save drivers both time and money, but it also will affect close to 800 toll booth employees.
The commission says they plan to do their best to help those employees find new work.
“As we get close to the time of the conversion we will work to re-train, re-employ or find other positions in the commission or state government, so there's a significant effort being put forth in that area to work with all the impacted employees,” Capone says.
Roadways in nine states currently use an all electronic system.
 “Cash is becoming a thing of the past. I get a pay stub, but I don't get a check. I use my debit card or credit card. It's more convenient just like when I get gas,” Joseph Harmon says.
Harmon travels on the turnpike constantly, and while he currently does pay with cash, he would welcome the change.
“It would help some, especially during the holidays, because I know when I go to pay the EZ Pass is wide open and the cars that are paying cash are always backed way up,” Harmon says.
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