Bullet Express

The Bullet Express says it is the amazing 8 minute meal machine. There is a slicer attachment and a shredding disc.&nbsp; The express model also comes with a bonus juicer.<br mce_bogus="1">
Bullet Express


  • lots of attachments so one machine will handle many tasks
  • can mince, chop, grind, crush, slice and shred
  • very bulky, lots of pieces and parts
  • clean up is tough 
  • directions are not the easiest to follow, pictures are helpful though
  • pricey
TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW *** We are giving the Bullet Express a 2 out of 4 star rating.  It is a neat machine that does work, but the time you spend cleaning up after each function takes away the time you save.  It is very bulky so you would need quite a bit of shelf space to store it.

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